In order to keep the Speelkelder a nice place for everyone there must be some rules:

  • No smoking
  • No alcoholic drinks without asking in advance
  • No drugs
  • You deposit used toys in the plastic container
  • Used towels can be put in one of the laundrybaskets
  • We dont’ want you to cause permanent “damage” during a play
  • Want to play with candles? No problem but ask for the rules before you start playing.
  • We like you to arrive and leave in vanille clothing
  • You and your playpartner meet at free will and common sense
  • We are not liable for anything for, during or after the play
  • Using the Speelkelder for commercial play is not allowed
  • Poop or neelde play is not allowed
  • You receive the address after we received your down payment
  • When you’re more than half an hour late, youre reservation (and downpayment) will be cancelled.
  • By using the Speelkelder you agree to these rules.

Any questions left, use the contact page