What’s possible

  • The speelkelder is suitable for all kinds of BDSM like bondage, spanking, suspension, roleplay etc.
  • The ceiling is made of steel balks,  you can use them during a play
  • We have a beautifull shibari ring made of chiruchical steel.
  • There is a large lockable cage, a hangbank, bench and more bondage furniture
  • Roleplay and ageplay like  ab/dl is possible.  Adult Diapers, plastic pants and stuffed animals are there.
  • The speelkelder is well isolated, the Speelkelder has his own entry off street.
  • If you like, let us take photos of your play and order a  fotoshoot
  • The Speelkelder is not available for commercial activities

Be sure to check out the rulespage to see what we do to make it good for everybody.