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We share our Speelkelder (PlayCellar) since we discovered how difficult it can be to find an affordable place to play which offers discretion as well.

The Speelkelder is big enough for 2 couples (4-5 persons) to play together. The Speelkelder is approx 6.5m x 4.5m big and the ceiling consists of metal bars. They can be used during a play too. It’s not possible to stay the night.

An indication of what is available:

  • a big, lockable, home-made cage. suitable for long term confinment
  • bondagefurniture
  • a large dog bench
  • hooks in the wall, at ankle height and at approx. 2m heigth
  • electric wench
  • some facemasks
  • matrass
  • straight-jacket (dwangbuis)
  • several chains, hooks etc
  • assortiment adult baby / diaper lover attributes: diapers, plastic pants, stuffed animals
  • shibari ring (japanse bondage)
  • leather armbinder
  • two cupping sets / vacuum set
  • cuffs, laather and metal
  • spreader bar
  • electro set
  • several nipple clammps including the tower of terror
  • several ballstretchers
  • humbler
  • parachute with nails
  • metal  anal toys such as a pounder
  • several buttplugs, metal from small to ….
  • analhook
  • all kinds of gags incl a horse bit gag
  • bondagefoil
  • toys to hit with, whips, floggers etc

Some not-metal toys are part of the  extra package 


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